Method of Payment & Financing

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Method of Payment & Financing

Invest in your Well Being

In an ASMBS study of 60,000 patients it was found that the cancer mortality decreased 60%, diabetes 90% and heart related diseases 50%. There is an improvement on our quality of life when solving problems of the knees, spine, sleep apnea, cholesterol, gastroesophageal reflux etc. The total amount in expenses for medicines and hospitals for the illnesses caused by long-term obesity are greater than the cost of the bariatric procedure.

We work with our patients to achieve their dream of recovering their health and reaching the ideal weight. All of our quotes can vary from one patient to another depending on their actual phyisical status. Therefore a pre-operative evaluation is necessary to determine the ideal procedure for each patient. 

Feel free to look at our options and don'be afraid to contact us for more information. Remember we are here to help you !

  • SPECIAL PRICE: Stay tuned for special disscounts for seminar attendings (only for the gastric sleeve procedure) 
  • FINANCING: Comfortable monthly payments according to your budget up to 6, 12, 18 or 24 months at a market rate. Ask your coordinator about these options.
  • CREDIT CARD: Pay with credit card and take advantage of your 6, 12 or 18 months without interest. Please confirm with your bank that your account has these benefits.


Every one of our patients is special to us and we are doing our best to get everyone on the surgical schedule as soon as it is safely possible. At Advanced Medicine Institute we have partnered with several medical financial lending institutions to provide you with an easy way to pay your WEIGHT-LOSS SURGERY. They offer competitive interest rates, easy applications, and a quick approval process to help you pay for your surgery. You can apply by phone or online with the following lenders:

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