Gastric Sleeve

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Gastric Sleeve

It’'s the newest procedure, done laparoscopically, that induces weight loss by restricting food intake.

With this procedure, the surgeon removes approximately 60 to 80 percent of the stomach leaving it in a banana/sleeve shape. He separates it from the larger portion of the stomach that contains a hormone responsible for appetite. After the sleeve procedure, hunger is greatly reduced which instantly helps the patient reduce his/her needs to overeat.

This is a safe and effective way to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. It is also a viable alternative for those patients who have specific conditions that prohibit gastric bypass surgery.


The main features of this procedure are:

  • Craving control and hunger reduction
  • Non-malabsorptive procedure
  • NO foreign objects are left in the body
  • NO adjustments are needed as with Lap-band and Intragastric Balloon
  • Weight loss occurs over 18 months
  • Quick recovery
  • Laparoscopic
  • 1 night stay at hospital
  • Surgical time: 1 to 1 ½ hours
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